Did I just… Did I just get the "docker remove all containers" command right in the first try?? Without looking it up online??? Is this my Omelette du fromage moment????

they fixed it post haste… overnight an update came in…


how's that working out? I've seen those online. Always wondered…



yup! Wires, adapters. They bought a few companies here and there and now make smart weighing scales and smart lights too.


Anker is just an overall, solid company with awesome products. Love it!

Ok, so the #1Password app is crashing on iOS 14.2 after the latest update 2 days ago. Even reinstall isn’t helping. Welp! This is not good for an app that holds pretty much my entire corpus of logins.

For the first time in a very long time I tried to click and open an ad.

And it didn’t open. Yay?

There was an iOS app that came and went, which would essentially "do the research for you". You'd put in a keyword and it would find relevant links and keep them handy. Sorta like a "research it later". Folks, any idea what it was called?

as soon as I saw the mast camera in the video, I knew it was the dumb fucking stupidest thing Amazon could add to it. Coming from a company like Amazon, whose literal motto is "ship it even if it's shit", there's no chance people will actually be satisfied by this crapware.