passion project has taken over my life, and I'm contemplating two more passion projects to go with the first one! :D

shamefully so!

I’m a little ashamed that the Kindle app got offloaded from my phone recently.

3 people? Never! Dems will do everything to destroy the next person in line, as they have with the Bern over and over.

if scotus gives it to him, I hope there's a popular uprising that removes scotus from their positions to start fresh.

I randomly changed my blog's theme from Independent Publisher to Seedlet. Looks different, yet somewhat the same. The Fira Sans font is nicer than the previous theme's font. Though I miss the green color of the urls.

more like oligopolies for now… They would love to be in a place where they all converge and don't have to innovate like crazy to keep customers happy.

But quantum computing is coming.

so you'll create a special feature to remove the thes and ands from every post? :D

Intel bought Altera and Nvidia bought Arm and AMD bought Xilinx. Hmmm.

Is there any way to use Shortcuts on Apple TV? To turn on the Apple TV, start a particular YouTube video, or even to open an app in the mornings?