yeah… but ones that make life somewhat easier… There's no reason to have a dedicated button for tab movement. Besides, safari has things like hold tabs button to close all, hold history to reopen, etc…

Just took out the Apple Pencil after a few days and OF COURSE, the battery is dead. While Apple is doing an amazing job with devices like Airpods and the Apple Watch, it’s done a terrible job with this hardware.

Tab switching in mobile Safari on iPhones should not be two taps. It should be a swipe. Maybe a swipe left or right on the tabs icon? Or maybe on the entire bottom bar?

wow… Saw your post about it. Impressive! I once read an entire Calvin and Hobbed anthology in one sitting and it messed me up good! (Calvin is quite the bad influence in terms of sheer destructiveness) 😄

So, which node version manager do you recommend for OSX to install through homebrew?

this link [] talks about a few options - Adguard, 1Blocker, etc…

The other day we were talking about grenade lobbers - people who come up with great ideas, but are shit at execution, so they just dump their ideas on others and leave them grasping for resources, fighting timelines, and explaining to higher-ups how "if he came up with the idea, then why can't you execute on it, like, yesterday?"

Peacocks… grenade lobbers… an interesting menagerie of people in the workspace! 😄


nice! How long did it take you?