cool! Learning is fun! I recently discovered unifiedJS, which is good for converting x into y. But I don't see bibtex in their list of things it deals with. So if you're into JS, you might be able to make an extension for it and be the person for that!

I feel it's more like the processor glitches due to slow charging… like I hit play on spotify and it took about 5-10 seconds to register the button press!

like, my personal blog doesn't have any CSS for dark mode… so system level changes can't actually apply to it…

Holy cow! DarkLup Lite also makes the WP backend dark mode!! Whhhhaaaat? Did not expect that!!

btw… I made a thing to solve my itch regarding manipulating JSON data -

I was reading about Colin Devroe creating a dark mode version of his site. Inspired, I looked around for WP plugins to create a Dark Mode on my site and I'm pleasantly surprised by the options! I installed Darklup Lite and it works like a charm!

Why is it that if you slow-charge an iPhone, very often its software gets screwed up - apps don't open well and take forever to respond, the wifi starts acting slow, etc.

Kapwing uses MoviePy in it's backend. Does Lumen5 use Remotion?

Somewhere out there, May has begun. Wow.