that would still meaning looking for just the perfect library that deals with JSON and lets me do these additions easily… but good point… I’ll look there…

I’m pulling news items from Bing API but it doesn’t contain category data and I want to add some more fields too. For ML training.

What’s a good online or Mac tool to transform large quantities of JSON data? I want to take JSON files and add or delete entries inside arrays in those files. Python or node lib also works.

uBlock is ~only~ blocking 1874 scripts (and counting) on TurboTax. Because when you're filing something as sensitive as taxes, you definitely need Bing looking in to see what you're up to, right?

Just heard an excerpt of the audiobook for My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh and I can only describe it as - nice!
Exactly how I expected it. Totally getting the full audiobook!

There’s CMBR and then there’s Baby Shushing Sounds on the Deep Sleep Sounds podcast. Same energy.

Amazon is selling toilet paper under the “Used - Very Good” category.

On these new iPhones without the force touch feature, how do you quickly select a bunch of text??

Hmmm. I think I broke Wordle.

true. But both he and Succession (HBO TV Show)'s Logan Roy must realize that one way or another, they will leave the seat empty one day.