as soon as I saw the mast camera in the video, I knew it was the dumb fucking stupidest thing Amazon could add to it. Coming from a company like Amazon, whose literal motto is "ship it even if it's shit", there's no chance people will actually be satisfied by this crapware.

if it were just crashy, I'd live with it. But it made me miss important notifications AND calls!

to explain - I've been looking at my screen, waiting for an important message, but I didn't touch my keyboard, so was technically "inactive". So of course, Teams decided not to show me the 4 messages and 5 missed calls. As soon as I moved the mouse, it wakes up.

I sometimes trust Microsoft Teams to give me notifications of messages on time. But then I realize it's made by Microsoft. So of course, it's shit.

nah, they don't need to add Dasani and FB. We already shoot ourselves in the foot with those!

Vegan Cheese… I have a packet in my fridge. Haven't opened it yet. Should I?


lulz that was the government's big conspiracy then? Changing our DNA to force us to eat broccolli?

well, that's good weather then! :D

so you can read those magicks, huh? Good on you!

there was a typhoon? Damn! Hope all's good?

y… yes? curl is big baddie! Sometimes I have to copy curl into Postman to understand how it's even sending data!

that looks beautiful!