Now I know why the new Apple TV remote comes with a Mute button - to mute out terrible Insurance ads on Hulu.

I read the first few words of the headline "…Zucker resigned…" and I thought maybe the era of FB's horrible messes is coming to a close, but the news was about CNN.

Is there any way to create an interactive map of Python code based on functions? Like a flow chart of code?

what, money? Sure he is…

iOS devices use iCloud sync to transfer data from apps like Books between devices. If your iCloud is full, you're out of luck. They could just as easily have used their own technology - Airdrop - to do this. But can't be bothered!

to make more money for Mark.

WTF is a jfif image format?!?!

If Facebook doesn’t do a collab with Matrix to make locations of the movies in Horizons then what is even the point??

yup!!! That's his name! :D