if debating solutions changed things, every politician would take debates seriously instead of using them as sounding boards for their talking points. The only thing that can change something is changing people's hearts. It's all emotions with these fools. So yes, shaming nations/corporations is a solution. Protesting till they listen is a solution.

As for the press, their misguided attempts at pushing agenda after agenda with no introspection is a pathetic failure of what is supposed to be the fourth estate.





not a lot. But the service behind it being dead is a good though sad reason to let it go…


I have an app called Periscope on my Apple TV. It's been there a while. Haven't opened it in forever. Maybe I should delete it?

Ah… Well I guess there's nothing for me to do but to continue using the key I've extracted from the v5 webapp :)


So, , I couldn't get the POST command to get the authorization to work with the API. I keep getting a 401 - "Invalid Client GUID Provided" error.

Instead, I stole my authorization from the v5 webapp and that works fine. Though I don't think it should - since the request for a new post is not coming from the correct domain. Please don't fix this security bug though! :D


testing. testing. To see if I can post on nice.social properly.

it's your space :D


yeah "premium" brand feel… I have the Breville Creatista and it's niiiice!