that's where the servers are… not necessarily where the attacks are coming from. Back when my DigitalOcean server was getting pounded, it was the exact same script polling from multiple countries, which tells me a single script kiddie was behind it.

where can I find the API docs for v5? I'd like to update my posting tool so I can x-post here…

it would be nice if they come out of with with a better model than to bankrupt the host nations and cities. There's plenty of already-made stadiums that are languishing around the world which these folks just ignore to make/ask for new single-use ones.

Alex Kurtzman? Seems like Hollywood's goto guy for converting good franchises into money + piles of turd.


yup. But then Netflix co-opts terrible shows just to bolster their stacks…

yeah, but even they rejected season 4, permanently suspending fans in limbo for whatever stupid explanation the showrunners have for the mysteries within…

Manifest on Netflix is some seriously lazy piece of writing. Why couldn't they just do a little more work on the script before vomiting it on us?

would love to see that… What's the latest by the way?

that… sounds awesome! :D

Oh I loved the Grindhouse combo! Deathproof is a very special movie… Planet Terror was brilliant for their approach to fighting back with gusto. I don't remember the eat your brains part, but I think I need to revisit that!