exactly the problem. You can't drive without learning, but you can fire a gun just fine, right? It's absurd.


that is just, absolute stupidity on the part of the NRA! Ludicrous!


If the Waze "no left turn" feature works as promised, I'm in! I'll be ready to ditch Google Maps and go back to Waze!

dolor means pain? Huh… Interesting…

@kdfrawg hooray! :)
Keep at it and yeah, sometimes it's so glaringly hurtful that One is not a faster typist!

the ping part of it?

yeah… I liked the idea, so I decided to build it for myself using Ionic. I'm very curious about how the data gets saved and displayed, because the way I'm implementing it seems a little off…

Anyone bought the iOS app 'ipsum'? I'm curious about something about it… Ping me…

habit :)


that's cute… Sorta like a second doorbell… :P