oh no no… Forget about that… I don't think they want to hand over anything for now, simply because they don't want it coming back. Dalton probably wants his domain back, but they're letting it live for the community.

// @kdfrawg

@kdfrawg and on 10C? I'm just trying to say, maybe you've just not been as social network-y lately?

damn… I like that spam has died down. Can someone please hand me the keys for adn so I can kick off the rest of the spam accounts and make global happy again?

// @kdfrawg

@kdfrawg how much have to posted to Instagram, FB and Twitter?

@kdfrawg social networks are asynchronous… You've never missed it!

you don't know if it's interesting… Self-loathing helps, but not always… :)

@kdfrawg nice!!! Good to know the usual lengths… I've got a fiction stuck at about 50k words and going nowhere… But I know the story is far from complete…

How many of us are writers of fiction? Say Aye!

@kdfrawg what's your upper limit?